25 dezembro 2011

Merry Christmas

I wish you all a Happy Merry Christmas full of surprises to share with the ones you love.
I know i have been away, but i wanted to thank all my followers for their support and i promise to return all your comments soon :)
Love&kisses, Filipa Oliveira.

(image found on google search)

21 dezembro 2011


Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, Oporto Botanical Garden
Vintage Prada
Scarf: Massimo Dutti
Watch: Swatch
Gloves: Parfois

18 dezembro 2011

Mc Café

 After a busy morning searching for Christmas presents, nothing better than a 15 minute break for a latte and some macarons :)
Has it been a shop-til-you-drop week for you too?

09 dezembro 2011

Electric Blue

Nail Polish: MIYO nº25

I don't know why but this sparkly blue reminds me so much of christmas, it's like walking around with a little Christmas decor on me..
Look at this amazing Christmas tree i found while blogwalking, isn´t it beautiful?


03 dezembro 2011

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

- Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all?
"Queen, you are full fair, 'tis true, but Snow White is fairer than you."

30 novembro 2011

Reggio Emilia

These are some of the photos i took in Reggio Emilia last month when i visited Italy. Such a beautiful and peaceful city, perfect for some relaxing days resting from our car trip around the north of Italy.

27 novembro 2011


What does an engineer offers to his girlfriend as a present?  A Concrete Necklace!

So this was the gift i received last night from my boyfriend, a concrete necklace in a mini laser cutted box made out of recycled paper. I had a little too much drinking so i didn't pay much attention to it then, but now i don't know whether it's absolutely hilarious or incredibly romantic!?  ;D
The necklace is so unexpected and different from everything i've seen that i'm loving it more by the minute.
It was created by a Portuguese jewelry designer, Pedro Sequeira, in his studio at Palácio das Artes here in Porto.

Remember me not to ask him for an engagement ring with a 'nice stone' or i might end up with a big pebble on my finger! ;)

20 novembro 2011

Small Details

After another morning and afternoon studying for exams i refused to take another look at my books and went for a walk with my boyfriend in the gardens of Palácio de Cristal (Cristal Palace in english), who claimed to have a surprise for me at night. We had dinner at a local cosy restaurant and then he took me to an amazing jazz concert, wich i wasn't expecting to be so incredibly good. I just loved the band, called 'Quarteto Vintage', they were celebrating their 10th anniversary playing together. You can have a sneak peek of the concert here. I hope you enjoy the photos i took of some outfit details. kisses *

Shoes: Pull&Bear

Clutch: Ross

Watch: Casio / Bracelet: DIY

Oporto view from Palácio de Cristal

11 novembro 2011

Lago di Garda

These are the photos i took in one of the most beautiful and peaceful places i've ever been: Lago di Garda
It's unique landscape of little sailboats drifting in crystalline water surrounded by mountains is breathtaking!  I fell so deeply in love with the place that i made my boyfriend promise me that we would spend our next summer vacations there. I hope you all get the chance to go there someday... we should all have that magnificent view in our memories. *

06 novembro 2011

In the mood to...

Today, i'm in the mood to Relax.
A simple cup of  royal mint tea, a heartwarming conversation with him and a long calming bath is all it takes to fulfill my desires and soothe my senses this afternoon.

Passing afternoon - Iron & Wine

03 novembro 2011

Rainy days

Please someone make this annoying rain stop, we don't mind with cold days, but the combination: "rain + wind" is just too much!! Another week like this and Portugal will be an international pool.
Summer, where are you?  :(

Burberry rain cape
Hunter&JimmyChoo boots

02 novembro 2011

Sweet cotton world

Yesterday afternoon i had the chance of visiting my boyfriend's mother office.
She's the founder of Just All Design ® a business related with clothing and brands creation wich works mainly with baby clothing brands but has also collaborated with Zara, Pull and Bear, Red Oak, among others.
The office is so well decorated that i'll photograph it better next time because it really is worth sharing. So, while my boyfriend was studying and printing some documents, i started searching for some fabric samples to a DIY project i wanted to try.  I must say i found the most adorable fabrics, between dots and stripes, pastel colors and floral prints, i discovered these faux-fur samples that i immediately fell in love with. I'm dying to start the project so i can share with you the results.   ;)

29 outubro 2011

Verona - take 2

Here are some more photos of Verona, including the Arena and a little glimpse of the traditional house windows and balcony's. Hope you like it Kisses *

The Arena

A beautiful baby clothing store

28 outubro 2011


Finally: the photos! :D 
These are some of the photos i took in Verona, first city we visited, it was a cloudy day but it didn't rain much so i guess we were lucky. Verona is on our top 3 cities in the North of Italy, and to my boyfriend it is by no doubt the number one. In fact, we loved Verona not by its rich and restored city center but mostly for its surrounds. We parked the car a few miles from the center so we didn't had to pay the Park, which was 25€ a day! Instead we decided to visit the surroundings for a while and then took a 10min Bus to the city center for only 1.30€!  The truth is that i had never seen a place where the people were so careful with the neatness and the streets maintenance, truly unequaled. Summarizing: i want to live in Verona!  The city is a box full of surprises, we found amazing old traditional stores and pubs anywhere we turned. I hope you all enjoy the photos i took, there's tons of them so i'll post some more later. Kisses 

Fountain "Madonna Verona"

I found the name so funny. Is "Filippini" the italian version of Filipa? :)

Leone di San Marco

Statues at the top of the Palazzo Maffei

An amazing place for wine tasting we accidentally discovered in a quiet street.

The inside of "Botecca Vini",  a magnificent woody antique décor filled with excellent wines.