29 outubro 2011

Verona - take 2

Here are some more photos of Verona, including the Arena and a little glimpse of the traditional house windows and balcony's. Hope you like it Kisses *

The Arena

A beautiful baby clothing store

28 outubro 2011


Finally: the photos! :D 
These are some of the photos i took in Verona, first city we visited, it was a cloudy day but it didn't rain much so i guess we were lucky. Verona is on our top 3 cities in the North of Italy, and to my boyfriend it is by no doubt the number one. In fact, we loved Verona not by its rich and restored city center but mostly for its surrounds. We parked the car a few miles from the center so we didn't had to pay the Park, which was 25€ a day! Instead we decided to visit the surroundings for a while and then took a 10min Bus to the city center for only 1.30€!  The truth is that i had never seen a place where the people were so careful with the neatness and the streets maintenance, truly unequaled. Summarizing: i want to live in Verona!  The city is a box full of surprises, we found amazing old traditional stores and pubs anywhere we turned. I hope you all enjoy the photos i took, there's tons of them so i'll post some more later. Kisses 

Fountain "Madonna Verona"

I found the name so funny. Is "Filippini" the italian version of Filipa? :)

Leone di San Marco

Statues at the top of the Palazzo Maffei

An amazing place for wine tasting we accidentally discovered in a quiet street.

The inside of "Botecca Vini",  a magnificent woody antique décor filled with excellent wines. 

27 outubro 2011

Home Sweet Home!

I'M BACK!!  :D
I arrived Portugal yesterday (terrible landing because of the stormy weather here in Porto) and i finally can get back to my blog; i missed my laptop so much! I checked my email and blog occasionally with the ipod anytime i could find a wi-fi spot just to keep myself updated ;)
As i imagined Italy is an incredible country, i only had the chance to visit the North but it was more than enough for me to fall in love with it... the lifestyle, the people, the architecture!
Some cities surprised me more than others, but they all had a particularity that made them unique.

I need to catch up some classes at the university but i can't wait to share all my photos and storys with you. kisses :)

18 outubro 2011

ITALY, here i go!

I'll be landing in italy in a few ours, and i can't describe how excited i am.
I am gonna miss commenting on all your blogs, and i'll sure miss making new posts in mine.
But i'll be back soon, and i hope with amazing photos and storys to tell.  :)

17 outubro 2011

Happy Birthday to me :)

 Today is my birthday and i can't find the words to describe my feelings, all i can think of is the beautiful people who have always been with me and gave me the chance of living indescribable moments with them. I honestly feel i'm the luckiest person on Earth for being given the chance of finding truly living angels to share my life with. I'm beyond grateful to them. I love you with all my heart.

These flawless roses were given to me by my beloved boyfriend. Thank you <3

16 outubro 2011


Yesterday i went to one of the bars i like the most in this city, it's a Cocktail bar named 'Praça'.  It's a unique place to hang with friends, have a drink or even to play darts. I spent a lovely afternoon with my boyfriend and some friends. Here are some photos that i took. Kisses :)

09 outubro 2011

Pastel Colors

I love pastel colors, i'm glad they're the major tendency for spring summer 2012:


Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton 

Louis Vuitton

Elie Saab