14 setembro 2011

Shopper Bag

So today, I want to talk you about this lovely and versatile Zara bag, it is called Braid Shopper Bag and it costs 79,95€.
I've seen it on the store and fell completely in love with it. The bag is wide and the leather is hard, so you can carry almost everything without changing the shape of the bag.
It is perfect for a shopping afternoon, and even better (at least for me) it is perfect to carry books or even a laptop!  It is definitely going to be one of my next purchases.

P.S: Olivia Palermo has already been seen with one, it looks great on her.

08 setembro 2011

Some work history: Take 1

Hello everyone, I wanted to share with you some of the works I've done in the past, so you could know a little bit more of my history. Some works are older than others, so I'll be making different posts about them in the future, and since Im not putting them by chronological order, we'll have little flashbacks in the blog every now and then.  :)

This one, is a photo shoot I've done for a brand named  [tu:] [tu:] ['sevn] in May 2010 for the Spring/Summer catalogue:

06 setembro 2011

Hello Sunshine!

After a busy morning at home preparing and organizing everything for University, I had the chance to spend a lovely afternoon with my boyfriend. With such a rainy August, these sunny days have been a bless and since our holidays are ending we have to enjoy every second of it.  

Top: H&M
Trousers: SACOOR Brothers
Watch: Swatch Full Blooded
Nail Polish: Andreia nº107