29 fevereiro 2012

Nikon D800

This is the new Nikon D800, which will be released in March. It's a 36MP camera and costs around 3000€.
Why Nikon, Why??

If only Christmas could come earlier this year...


27 fevereiro 2012

Quick Post - The Oscars

PERFECTION is how i sum up Gwyneth Paltrow's look on 2012 Academy Awards.
She's by far my personal favourite of the night and she's teaching us all that  LESS really IS MORE!


25 fevereiro 2012


These are some of my favorite accessories in the moment, so i decided to make this pretty collage for you.  
Now i want to hear your opinions, how is my accessorizing taste these days?   

"I like it, i would use them myself"  or is it more like  "Geez! no comment!" ???


23 fevereiro 2012

Irish coffee at L'Kodac

L'kodac is a recently opened seafront bar at Aterro beach in Leça da Palmeira, with an inviting beach decor and calming atmosphere, perfect to relax or have a warm cosy drink in these cold winter days.

I chose to share a strong irish coffee and an amazing sunset in a perfect stress-free afternoon with my boyfriend. So, if you're anywhere near, this place is worth knowing.  ;)


21 fevereiro 2012

19 fevereiro 2012

Swiss Hearts from my Sweetheart

My boyfriend brought me these delicious Lindt swiss chocolates from his recent trip to Zurich.  There are only 4 hearts left right now...
Love really does taste sweet!  ;)



09 fevereiro 2012

Gentleman's Gear

Education begins the gentleman, but reading, good company and reflection must finish him.
- John Locke